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How to Build Your Affiliate Revenue Using Articles

Starting an affiliate marketing business is easy because it does not require so much from you, especially if you have limited resources. What is difficult is building your affiliate revenue. As we both know, generating traffic is very important if you want to earn from your affiliate marketing. Many affiliate marketers make use of articles to generate traffic. However, if not properly utilized, they may not give you your desired result. In other words, writing articles alone is not enough. You have to make the most out of them in order to earn so much from affiliate marketing. How? Well it is actually quite simple.

The first thing for you to do is to write interesting articles, something that will add value to your visitors. An article adds value to them when it gives solution to their problem or teaches them of something they do not know about. It also adds value when it entertains and releases them from stress. When people click through your squeeze page, it means that they find it interesting and so they clicked through it to read further. If they find your article of no value, they would just simply get out from your webpage and look for something else.

They will also suspect that you're only promoting your affiliate marketing business and does not really want to give information. On the other hand, if they find it valuable or interesting, they would read all through out and would click furthermore to find some more information. Once they like your articles and your writing style, they will keep coming back to your website thereby giving you regular traffic. Moreover, they will spread to other people the goodness of your website through friends and social bookmarking sites. What I'm pointing out here is you should develop a relationship with your visitors through your articles.

Let them feel that you're sincere, that you really want to help them by giving them valuable information, that your site is not only there to make money from them, but to help them as well. This is one important thing in affiliate marketing which you may have overlooked. The best way of doing these things is to write your articles by yourself. If you personally write them, you have the control of how they're going to be. You're also able to maintain a particular style that's distinctively yours. You may tell me this is easier said than done, especially when you're not a writer yourself.

Well you may be right, but this is only difficult at first. Study and read some more tips on how to write articles. Read also those written by well know writer. This may sound hard work for you but of course if you want to earn, you also have to work. Money will not just come in if you won't do something. This is true even to those who became millionaire instantly because they won in a lotto. They still did something-buying a lotto ticket. But if you can afford and you really don't want to write your own articles, you may consider outsourcing.

Let someone write for you. However, I advice that you at least have some hands-on on the topics that your writers are going to write. Your article writers should not deviate from your objective and should not ruin the relationship you've built or about to build with your readers. Again, articles will help you a lot in your affiliate marketing and you have to make the most out of it. Start writing valuable articles for your readers and receive the benefits derived from it.

The author of this article Menno Spijkstra is an Internet Marketing specialist who has been successful with several affiliate programs for many years. Menno finally decided to share his knowledge and experience through his website You can sign up for his free newsletter and join his coaching program.

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The business case for enterprise blogs
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