Content is Now and Always Will Be King

The Internet is a big place. There are millions and millions of people with millions and millions of websites promoting millions and millions of products. Clearly it is information overload, as every one of these Internet marketers is constantly putting out messages, promotions, and information describing a product, trying to entice potential buyers.

In the days before the Internet, marketers relied on printed matter and material to deliver their messages and to promote their products. Since a printed piece is permanent, much time and effort went into the development of the copy for the piece, in terms of ensuring that it was focused polishing it, and making sure that it provided significant value. This is because the cost of developing a printed piece was so high. Because it was permanent, if there were mistakes or if the piece was ineffective, it would be a waste of money.

Since the Internet operates at the speed of light, the permanence of information is no longer a problem from a production standpoint. If something is wrong, it can be quickly and easily changed. However after information is published on the Internet, it becomes permanent. Once you put information out there, it is almost impossible to take it back.

But the biggest problem is that the Internet is instantaneous, and people tend to just put words there, instead of defining a message and placing solid content there. In the world of the Internet, content is king. Content is valuable information that somebody wants to invest their time to consume. If the content is not valuable, they have no reason to spend their time to read it. If you put information on the Internet that is not rich in content value, you're wasting your time because nobody will read and react to what you put there.

The key then is to ensure that that the content in all of your Internet marketing efforts is solid, weighted with value, and focused so that it provides significant value to anyone who takes the time to read it. Furthermore, as your content becomes widely read and distributed on the Internet, people will begin to seek your information out because of its value. You've now begun the process of building a brand for your content. Without good content however, your brand becomes meaningless.

There is of course one other thing to consider. Good content by definition requires outstanding writing. If you're not a good writer, realize this deficiency, and seek professional help to create professional content. If the content is poorly written, ambiguous, or unclear, it will not be seen as valuable, and will therefore not help to develop your brand.

Jean Klett is a business coach and mentor based out of Merignac, France, that assists serious entrepreneurs in building a profitable online business with multiple incomes streams. Jean and his team are focussed on training and getting results quickly. For more information and to contact Jean, visit:

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