Google's Rise to Power: A Link is Worth 1,000 Word‏

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A Link is Worth 1,000 Word‏
The cost of creating content for the sake of it has dropped to ~ $0. In amarket dominated by outsourcing and automated content generation, a searchengine has to look beyond what we say about ourselves if they want to stayrelevant. Part of what allowed Google to grow so influential so fast is that they useelegant link analysis in their relevancy algorithms. If another site links toyou saying that your site is about "Chicago dentists" then that link isinterpreted as a vote of trust for your site for "Chicago dentists" and closelyrelated topics.

Not all votes are counted equally. The more quality websites that link at agiven website, the more that website is trusted when it links out to otherwebsites. PageRank is designed such that links from the homepage of a leadinguniversity is trusted more than a link from a low quality website that links toother low quality websites. Search engines only trust us if others trust us too. Search engines follow people.

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