How To Find Profitable Affiliate Programs

How To Find Profitable Affiliate Programs

There are thousands of affiliate programs you could subscribe to. How do you make the choice to be sure you're not wasting your time?

Affiliate programs are not really that hard to find. The issue is how to find the right ones.

Where to Find Affiliate Programs
Here are a few places where you should look:

Affiliate Websites
Check out the “competitors” ads on your desired keywords. You'll find that usually at least half are affiliated with one program or another. If they afford to pay for advertising, most of the time the affiliate program works well. And you can join it, too.

Sellers Sites
Research your area of interest, in order to find sellers sites that offer interesting programs. And even if they haven't set up an affiliate program yet, this is something you could suggest. Look at the footer of their home page for links that include the terms “affiliates”, “partners” or “resellers”.

Affiliate Networks
Some affiliate networks ask you to sign up with them before showing you the list of companies they work with. (see the list of major affiliate networks)

Affiliate Programs Directories
Affiliate directories are websites that list affiliate programs. The lists are sorted into categories and offer brief descriptions of each program. The owners of such lists are usually affiliates to many programs themselves. That's how keeping an affiliate list is worth it. Examples: Affiliate Guide , Affiliate Match, Associate Programs (more in the Affiliate Masters Course)

How to Choose Affiliate Programs
Editors and affiliate marketers always recommend their favorite programs, but that doesn't necessarily mean that these programs are also suited for your plans. A rule of thumb is to test the affiliate programs yourself.

Also, the programs that are widely promoted are worn out. You don't need to enter a competition war. That's why you have to focus on small niches. Their big advantage is that you don't have to share them with almost anyone else.

How to Target Affiliate Programs
Choose programs that suit your niche market. Unless you plan an affiliate list, it's not in your best interest to get affiliated to hundreds of programs and promote them on the same website. We don't recommend you to select only one program either. It would be like putting all your eggs in the same basket.

Instead, you need to focus on certain programs that are highly targeted for your website, and promote those. If you don't create a strong connection at this level, your advertising work is in vain.

Choose programs that complete your site. The products or services you choose to recommend on your website must put an additional value to your content. If your site is about blue gadgets, you should send your visitors to where they can buy/repair blue gadgets.

Choose programs that complement your site. The affiliate programs to which you subscribe must not be deceiving to the niche you are targeting. When you become an affiliate you must be the first person to believe in the product or service you recommend. The quality of the product, the service, the delivery, the maintainance, are all subjects to accurate testing. Also, check the quality of the content on the merchant site itself, its language and its usability. Should there be any aspect the merchant site fails at, this will also make your site look bad.

How to Evaluate the Profitability of Affiliate Programs

There are several rules by which you can find out whether a program is worth it or not.

The first rule is see what percent they pay you per sale. The higher the percent, the better. But don't forget targeting.

Two tier commission programs pay differently at different levels. For example, for the sites that join the program through you at first level, you may get a good comission. But you may get substantially less on the next levels.

If your site generates a lot of traffic, consider programs that pay per view.

Check that the product is really saleable, and it's not overpriced. If this is the case, no possible commission is relevant.

On the other hand, if the product/ service is expensive, it shouldn't bother you, as long as the price is worth it. In this case, make sure you do the targeting well.

In certain conditions, you can negotiate preferential discounts with the merchant (just for the customers you send); For example, this can happen when your traffic is of high interest to the merchant.

As said before, always do some testing on your own.

Read The Super Affiliate Handbook by Rosalind Gardner to learn how to do all this properly.

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