How to Locate the Right Automated Marketing System For Your Online Business

I am sure you have read many online business opportunity ads that claimed your business would run on auto-pilot and you did not need to anything but drive prospects to your offer page.

Do you think this actually works that easily?

Well, it can if you select the right automated system.

Here, we will give you a few tips on selecting the right program and system so you don't fall into the "hype" trap and waste your hard earned dollars.

First, there really is no other way to be sure any program or system will work, other than testing it online to see what the results are; i.e. how many prospects to the program will actually turn into paying customers, and do this with little to no effort on your part.

Now we all can't test every program out there, or we would go broke, right?

I recommend that you develop a relationship with a few online marketers that you feel are truthful and honest about their program.

For example, I met another marketer by inquiring about his program. We soon began discussing our online successes and failures and we decided to work together trying things and sharing what has worked best for us.

To this day, we have not met face to face, but we talk almost daily on strategies to keep building our businesses.

The next step is to realize what an automated system really is or can be.

By automated system we mean the web pages that take the prospect from your lead page (also called landing page, or opt in page) to the final sales closing pages, basically are designed to do this work so you don't need to call anyone or try to close the sale.

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Well written and laid out systems will do this very nicely. One key is to have your program head office close your sales for you. This is where you don't ever even talk to your customers but reap the benefits of their sale! Call the head office and see if you feel their customer service is up to par.

Here's the key: IF the system is well designed, by the time the prospect has received the series of followup e-mails, they are pretty much sold. All they need is maybe a final brief sales call from the home office to complete the sale.

The reason is again the system is perfectly designed so all you need to do is feed your lead page with quality traffic. The system will do the rest.

Not all prospects will become paid members, that's part of any marketing system. However typically a certain percentage of your prospects will join you, IF you have the right system.

Next time we will discuss ways to get quality traffic, and more on systems that work generating income streams even while you sleep.

We wish you the best in your online business success.

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