Learn How To Choose The Right Keyword Phrase For Your Blogs

How Can You Identify the Keywords That Bring in the Money Online?

If you want your website to stand out above the throng, you need to understand the importance of keywords. When a person is surfing the internet for a specific thing and he uses a search engine like Google or Yahoo, the search engine utilizes keywords to deliver its search results to the surfer. The right keywords can spell the difference between your being on top of the website heap or way down in the dumps. That is why keyword analysis is an activity that webmasters and internet marketers often find themselves engaged in.

As a rule, there are three classifications of search keywords.

1. Pure research keywords

These are keywords used for the purpose of finding out information. Usually researchers or students doing school reports are the ones who punch in these keywords. The internet surfer using this category of keywords is not out to buy something; he is merely seeking information.

2. Shopping keywords

Cyberspace surfers who explore shopping keywords are primarily researching information to assist them in making a purchase. They have an item or items that they're thinking of buying, but they need more information to make the decision as to what particular item to get and when. They need data such as brand, price, features and other statistics relating to the desired item. They may make a purchase immediately after they do their research or it may be months later.

3. Money keywords

This category of keywords is the one that e-commerce retailers are most interested in. These are the keywords used by people who are looking to buy a specific product or a particular service. These keywords carry the probability of sale. They spur towards decision making. These keywords are exceptionally targeted.

Both shopping keywords and money keywords are vital to the internet marketer. Of course, the money keywords have more weight for the e-commerce vendor as these keywords are the ones actually used by customers to locate the products or services they want to buy. These words are actually key to making money online. But importance should also be given to the shopping keywords as these carry in them the potential for a sale as well.

Let me show you the difference between shopping keywords and money keywords. Let's say a person is thinking of buying a digital camera. But he needs to find out which are the better buys in terms of features and prices. So he will type in the keywords "digital camera". He's still at a very general phase of his shopping process. Later on, as he becomes more knowledgeable about digital cameras in general, he'll become more specific in his searching. He may then type in the key words "Nikon camera price". When he's done more research and he's pretty much made up his mind about what he wants to buy, then he'll type in a more pointed search phrase such as "Nikon Coolpix L18 best price" or "Canon Powershot SD1100 IS low price guaranteed". Now those are money keywords.

It would do the sharp internet marketer well to study both the shopping keywords and, most especially, the money keywords, so that he can incorporate these precise phrases in the copy he makes for his web content and advertisements. He will aim to make his content keyword rich because that's what will bring customers to his site. Through keyword analysis, he will need to keep refining the keywords, making them clearer, removing vagueness, choosing more pointed keywords in order to attract the traffic that he is targeting - traffic that will convert to sales.

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Learn How To Choose The Right Keyword Phrase For Your Blogs
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