Make Money From Home Blogging!

How can you make money blogging?

I find this method a more interesting way of making money than doing surveys, but it just depends what kind of person you are I guess. If you log onto you can take their quick free tour of what blogging is all about. This is obviously essential if you don’t know what a blog is, or if you have never blogged yourself. There are lots of blog companies, but I use this one. It’s up to you.

I was brand new to it when I looked at this and was surprised how easy it was - it’s also good fun - and you can earn good money from your blogs in time. A blog is basically a simple way to share your thoughts with the online world - a bit like an online diary. It can be about absolutely anything: your life, your interests, any subject you know about.

To make money blogging ensure your blog is useful and interesting.
The more interesting and useful your blog is, then the more people will want to read it and the more money you can make. You make money blogging when people click on adsense adverts that you place on your blog, or when they buy a relevant product, service or ebook that you recommend by way of a link on your blog.

For instance, you may have an interest in camping and want to blog about that. You could find companies that sell camping equipment and get commission for any clients you send them. Or you could recommend an ebook about some aspect of camping. Or you could become an Amazon affiliate and place one of their search boxes on your blog - they will pay you commission for any book sales that come via your blog.

Obviously if your blog starts to get lots of visitors, you could make a great income. Blogs that are regularly added to (called posting) and that have been around a while will generally do better than those that are fairly new and only updated occasionally. So, pick a subject that you feel passionate about and that passion will inspire you to write great content, and to blog regularly.

You are more likely to make money blogging when your enthusiasm for your subject shines through your writing. Make sure the subject isn’t too broad or you could face too much competition. It’s best to specialise in what’s known as a niche area. That way, you can get to the top of the pile and rake in all the profits!

I bought this blogger guy’s information when I started out and it’s been really useful as he shares lots of vital things you need to do to earn money from your blog - like exactly what settings and layout work best, how to choose a profitable subject and so on.
Apparently he makes upwards of $500 a day from his blogs (and he’s just a youngster!) and shows you the evidence of this.
He’s just brought out this new second version of his book with even more info on how anyone can make money blogging.

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