Understanding Website Statistics

Websites are meant to get as much traffic as possible. Traffic building takes time and loads of efforts from the webmaster or the web marketer. Traffic is important since it is the source of sales. It is from traffic that customers come from. Without traffic, there will be no means of having sales. But do you know that you can get other benefits from traffic?

Website analysis is one of the most important factors that helps increase a website’s return on investment. Traffic plays a vital role in website analysis. It provides statistics that can be used as bases in further improving the website.

Website statistics can get a bit confusing especially for new webmasters and web marketers. Sometimes the terms used can also add up to the confusion. To help new webmasters and web marketers deal with website statistics, here are some commonly used terms and their explanations:


Hits refer to the HTTP requests that a website receives. Hits include any request for images or files other than the web page. Contrary to what other web marketers believe, hits is not synonymous to the number of site visitors or traffic. One site visitor can generate as many hits as he can as long as he keeps on requesting for a file or a page.

Site Visitors

This refers to the number of visitors that a website receives. They can be repeating visitors or unique visitors. Websites aim for unique visitors since they are unique potential customers.

Bounce Rate

Some site visitors don’t even stay for a minute in a website. This can be analysed through the bounce rate. When the bounce rate is too high, you should look into the website and identify what causes the site visitors to leave. Normally, bounce rate is average at 50%. You should also try other strategies to lower the number of your site exits.

Page Views

Page views refer to the number of page that a site visitor visits. The more number of page views, the more the site visitor explored the site. You should also take into consideration the length of time that the site visitor stayed on each page.

Website statistics and analysis becomes an easy task if you know these terms. More often than not, any website statistics discussion mention these terms. So to better understand your own website statistics, start understanding these statistical terms first.

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