Affiliate Income Too Low? - 3 Tips to Increase It!

Using article marketing to generate targeted traffic to landing pages is about as smart as it gets. But you need to be ready!

If so, you might consider the Three Things you need to have in place to assure success.

What are these Three Things?

First, present one offer per page, and one offer only. This doesn't mean you can't offer bonuses on the page. Actually you should!

Focus your efforts on the product, but especially the BENEFITS of the product to your visitor. That's really what they are considering! They are naturally concerned with what it will do for them. Make that clear.

The second method is to add that visitor's name and email address to your list. Some people say this is the single most important goal to a sales page.

The reasoning behind that, is that, on average, a sale is closed on the seventh closing attempt. That is why you see such low closing ratios in Internet Marketing when compared to Brick and Mortar retail. In retail stores we expect a closing ratio of better than 1 in 10.

When you compare that to the often stated average closing ratio on a sales page expressed as 1 in 100 you can easily see that you must ask them to buy MORE THAN ONCE!

The way you do this is with name and address capture and an autoresponder!

Here's a good tip. When you are getting the opt ins from a salespage that is promoting, for example, website software, put those opt ins on a list named "website software".

Have the autoresponder series written to point out the benefits of that web design software amd mail it to that list. As the "benefits of website software" messages increase, so will there be a corresponding increase in sales.

Say you have 100 people come to your offer in one day. According to the 1 in 100 rule you could only expect one sale. The other 99 didn't buy but maybe 10 of them opted in to your "website software benefits mini-course".

Now you are building your list of customers interested in web page software AND by the time the 5th to 10th message reaches them you'll have another sale or two. This is huge.

If your closing ratio is raised from 1 in 100 to 2 in 100 you have doubled your sales with the addition of an autoresponder. And you built your list!

That example is just from one day so you can see what you'd have after just one month. Cool!

The third tactic that creates a synergy with the other two tactics in creating success is driving targeted traffic to the right offers, in this case website software.

The two most common ways of doing this are PPC and Article Marketing. PPC is fast and doesn't last and Article Marketing is slower, but it builds and lasts. Ideally you run both...IF you can afford the keywords. Go for two articles a week. To get that done I aim at 3 per week.

To write the right article, grab the right keywords and aim for keyword density around 3-5%. Have your BEST keyword toward the front of the title and same for introductory paragraph.

If you haven't been using all three of these methods in your affiliate marketing efforts just look at what you will have accomplished.

Now you can have a web page offering one product and it's particular benefits. ing to The people coming to your landing page will be sorted out according to the keywords they typed in and will be more likely to be interested in your offer.

And, you will now be building a more narrowly focused list while increasing your profits through additional sales.

Do this. Get good at it. You'll be glad you did.

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