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Using affiliate marketing on your blog requires some strategy, but the step can benefit both readers and blog owners simultaneously. The goal is establish credibility first and gain a good understanding of what your readers may enjoy. Then your blog can serve as a product recommendation site, rather than a 'seller.'

It's important to think about the potential impact of every post, especially when you are providing links and directing visitors outside of your own site. Knowing what is acceptable - and what isn't - will be critical to the success of your business blog.

When making the selection of companies and programs you want to work with, you'll always want to consider your audience. IF they are generally shopping for specific products, a little research on recommendations and similar products may be required before you start posting about them. Making a genuine recommendation is much better than having random posts just 'selling' all the products in your affiliate channel.

Remember the value of credibility as you proceed to populate your blog with affiliate links. This will help you filter out any potential damage to your readership.

Any time that you are promoting or talking about a product, you will want to include links embedded within your post. This is the best way to 'soft sell' and avoid being intrusive. Instead of direct banner advertising, or even putting in a picture with a link attached, contextual advertising will help you promote the product with a 'helpful' link of the product for sale. This can help with positioning and avoid turning off new visitors if they realize it is an affiliate link.

Even though many people are turned off by the idea of blogs as 'selling platforms,' you can be strategic about positioning and create advertorial-like placements as needed.

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