Deciding Where to Place Ads Online

This is not the only way to determine where you are going to place your ads. It should just be the start of your understanding on some of the things you need to take into account when figuring out where to embed ads. There are plenty more considerations that can affect how well your ads perform. Here's a list of some of the other things to take into account:

• Scanning Pages

Most people who view web pages on the Internet are scanning them unlike the way they read a book. So, even though they start at the top left and go down, they often read the first paragraph, skip to subheadings and pick out any other things that grab their attention: lists, bulleted items, bolded items, italicized items, quotes, and chapter headings. So, knowing this, you need to put the ads where their eyes are likely to land in their haphazard scanning fashion. That's near the same elements that we listed earlier that grab their attention.

• Graphics Change The Pattern

Ever open a web page and see a picture that grabs your attention. In that instance, you might read the caption first and then go back to the top of the page. So, graphics can change the normal pattern of reading and ads should be strategically placed near design elements that hog the limelight to get maximum exposure. Other graph design elements that can be taken advantage of are tables, charts, and photographs.

• How Cluttered The Page Is

If the page is severely cluttered with design elements and never ending copy with little white space, headings, or bolding, you can expect people won't even bother to read it. They simply click to a different page that provides more ease of reading. So, try to keep the design of your pages simple in such a way that they don't tire the eyes. Use the graphics and design elements sparingly and that includes advertisements that shouldn't be splattered everywhere. Find a few good areas on each page and then ad a few ads on the page, but don't overdo it.

• Context Sensitive Ad Placement

If you have an article with major interest that is attracting a lot of traffic, you know that's a great place to add some context sensitive ads within the copy. That's right. You are not only going to be discussing the power of green cleaning, but then you can choose to show some products that do this in the home. That's a very effective way of adding advertisements that will get clicked on because of the high interest level the article has generated.

• Length Of Your Articles Or Blog Posts

If you have an advertisement in the top left because you think it's going to grab everyone's attention, and then you put a really fascinating article next to it, odds are you're shooting yourself in the foot. A skyscraper advertisement for instance, will only go down the page so far, and if your visitors are more interested in reading your article, they will simply skip over the advertisement because they are busy scrolling down to read the rest of the article. So, take into account the length of the article and where people's eyes might go in such a case. In this case, just move the ad down nearer to the bottom of the article to get it noticed some more.

• No Blaring Advertisements

If you try to grab attention by being obnoxious, this will have the opposite effect. People know when they are being primed to hit a advertisement and it can make them want to leave your site as quickly as possible. Try to make the ad placement and promotions as natural as possible and flow smoothly, not jarring or attention-grabbing monsters.

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