The Magic of Google AdSense

With world embracing the phenomenon of internet like never before, webmasters and bloggers the world over find Google AdSense program as a fast and easy method to earn money. It is one of the most popular revenue generators, online. It is the program of Google which provides the website owners an opportunity to earn money by hosting pay-per-click ads on their websites while providing their visitors a fulfilling online experience. Thus, whenever a visitor clicks on the ad on your website, you earn revenue for that. In simple words, it is about selling advertising space on your website.

If you are a webmaster who has not yet put AdSense on his website, you might be missing an opportunity to earn ad revenue through your website with minimum effort and that too, at no additional cost. What else could you ask for!

Sounds pretty easy? Well, that might not be true. If earning money was that simple, everyone would be into this, leaving their full-fledged businesses, thus joining the bandwagon of money-minting machine called 'Google AdSense.' To add to the woes of webmasters, Google has a host of AdSense policies including Google's webmaster policies, the violation of which would put a full stop to the dream of 'easy money' pouring in from the magical pot called 'Google AdSense.'

Google has devised the formula for webmasters which explains AdSense Earning as = Impression -count * Click-through-rate * Cost-per-click * smart-pricing-factor.

Pre-requisites for using Google AdSense:-

For Google AdSense to prove useful money wise, you need to have hordes of traffic coming to your website. This is possible only if you invest in website promotion techniques including article syndication and search engine optimization to enable your website gain credibility among targeted audiences.

Additionally, you also need to focus on content that attracts highest Pay-Per-Click ads that are relevant to your site's content. The layout of the site should be in complete harmony with the ads displayed on each of the individual web pages as users. Make sure to strike a perfect balance between various ingredients of the site like content, color combination, and the various ads displayed on it.

While earning money by displaying relevant Google ads on your web pages, you must focus on placing relevant ads below the end of the editorial content of the webpage that appeals the interests of the visitors to improve the credibility and popularity of your website and ensure better results.

The million dollar question is how much revenue you can earn by placing textual ads and text & image ads. And the answer to this tricky question is even trickier, meaning 'it really depends.' If your site attracts large number of visitors and has for its focus a narrow topic, you are more likely to keep your cash registers ringing with Google AdSense doing the right business for you.

To site an example, if your site is about mobile gadgets, Google will supply ads related to different mobile models that will interest a large number of visitors hitting your site for relevant information so that whenever someone clicks on an ad, you get paid for it.

On the other hand, if your site is not clear about something, or if it gets little traffic, Google might find it hard to supply relevant ads on your site resulting in less revenue for you.

Google AdSense has gained popularity with bloggers and webmasters alike. And the reason seems to be simple. You just need to sign up, allot some space on your site's different pages for ads related to your editorial content and let Google spread color-coordinated ads in your web pages. You just need to paste a few lines of code supplied by Google into the HTML for your website and Google does a nice job of becoming money-minting machine for you.

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