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Internet Marketing Success - Why You Need to Start Out With a 'System'

Before you get started in Internet marketing, you should be very clear about your goals. You should know how much you want to make online per month eventually (do note this number will not be consistent every month, only employees get consistent paychecks). You also have to know yourself - how much do you really crave Internet marketing success? Would you really work hard at it? How hard will you be willing to work for it?

Then you need to figure what it would to reach your goals. If you want to make $1000 per month, that is $250 per week or about $33 per day. Certainly not too difficult is it? Then you simply calculate, based on the cost of your product, how many sales you need to make per day to reach your goal.

Once you have finished the goal setting process, you need to watch what successful marketers are doing. The easiest way to create success is to simply model what is working for other people. Note, not copy, but model. Sign up for their lists, watch how they market. There is a famous quote that goes along the lines of not following what people say, but what they do. That's what you want to do, follow what successful marketers do.

Then you need to create your own system based on what you have found successful entrepreneurs doing. For me, that system is list building. I build highly focused lists in different niche markets. This might work for you as well, or it might not. The trick is in finding what is profitable and tickles your fancy as well.

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