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Article Submission Software Review Tips

Article submission software is one tool you cannot do without if you plan to use article marketing to promote your business or website. But if you have not given article marketing a thought, I urge you to seriously consider using this powerful technique to drive targeted traffic to your website. We will look at how to review and pick suitable article submission software that can work wonders for your business.

Article marketing as you may know is internet marketing using articles. The end in mind of writing an article is to get targeted visitors for your website. As for what you hope your visitors to do, whether it is to buy your product, join in your MLM program or simply to subscribe to your newsletter so that you can do some backend sales or continue a business relationship, the skies is your limit. After writing an article, the most important is of course to submit to a free article directory that would accept your articles.

If you have been submitting articles for a while or is a newbie author trying to figure out how to do so, here are some useful review tips about article submission software.

Article Submission Software Review Tip 1 – Submit To Many Article Directories

The number of article directories you can submit to is critical to the success of your traffic building campaign. The internet world is a wild jungle, and survival belongs to the fittest. If you are only submitting to one or two directories, the amount of exposure and traffic to your website would be minimal, and in no time, you will see your website and business drowned in the midst of ferocious competition.

Article submission software does a beautiful job in submitting to multiple article directories. Find one that can submit to more than 100 article directories.

Article Submission Software Review Tip 2 – Auto-Formatting Feature

Different article directories have varying submission features and article format. Some allow HTML while some only allows text in the content. Others may only allow links in the author resource box while others allow the inclusion of links within the article body. I have tried submitting to countless of article directories. The experience is horrible!

Article submission software nowadays come packed with compatible article directories that would readily accept the article format used by the software. All you need to do is fill in the article fields of the software interface once and it would use the details as a template.

Article Submission Software Review Tip 3 – Auto-Population of Article Details

Each time when you submit, you have to repeat the process of copying and pasting article details like the article summary, article title, article body, author resource box, the article category and keywords into the article submission form at the article directory. Imagine how tedious it is to repeat the process for each article directory. It is not surprising that you have to face the computer the whole day just to submit to about 100 article directories.

All these can be avoided by using article submission software. These software are built in with features that would auto-populate the article fields, leaving you only to click the submit button and the article is submitted. Talk about simplicity and efficiency.

Such software are now available to webmasters and marketers like us at affordable prices ranging from $90 - $200 only. The potential income it can generate and the time and money savings it brings are worth much more than that. Learn more at my blog about effective article marketing and find out which powerful article submission software are successful internet marketers and webmasters using.

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Learn How To Use Article Marketing With Free Video Tutorials

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