Understanding and Choosing the Right Keywords

When most new internet marketers get started in a new business, they have a great deal to learn. One of the many things to learn is driving traffic to your website. The marketing piece of the learning curve can be confusing for the new internet marketer if they do not have proper mentoring to keep them focused. There are many ways to drive traffic to a website. Everyone wants as much traffic as possible, but is all traffic good? Not necessarily. Choosing the right keywords is essential to your success. Why is this? Driving targeted traffic is what you want to do; keywords help you do just that.

Actively building a list of keywords and researching them is a weekly task that all internet marketers must do. Your primary goal is to rank in the search engines for the respective keywords you choose. Thus, when a prospect searches for something in the search engines they are able to find you. Many new internet marketers are not exposed to the big picture concept of keyword research and the purpose it has. Other new internet marketers have an idea of what keywords are and their role in marketing but don't fully grasp how to use them to target a market. For example, "work from home" would be a common keyword one would think of to use when promoting a home business opportunity. However, this is a broad keyword. Not only would it be expensive for pay per click, but it would be too competitive for free methods of advertising. Thus, a new internet marketer could potentially spend effort, time and money setting up marketing around this keyword only to not experience any online results at all. The key is choosing the right keywords that go hand in hand with your target market.

How Do You Choose The Right Keywords?
a. First be sure to fully understand the big picture of internet marketing and the critical components that make up that big picture. Doing this will help you focus and be able to take more step by step actions that will build momentum. This will also help you understand the role of choosing the right keywords so you have a purpose when you take this step.
b. Consider your target market. Who is it? What do they do? What are their interests? What would they search for online? What are the benefits of your business? What are the highlights of your business? Why would someone want to join your business? Essentially, you must think like your perfect prospect. Think of how you stumbled upon your business. How did you find your business? What were you looking for when you came across your business?
c. Use keywords and keyword phrases. Sometimes 2, 3 and 4 word phrases are more commonly typed in to the search engines.

Where Can I Look For Keywords?
There are keyword tools that are extremely helpful in helping with the research process. Google adwords has a free keyword tool which does a good job of providing additional ideas once you enter a keyword phrase into the software. Good Keyword, Niche Bot Classic are other options. Wordtracker is very good, but this has an upfront cost as well as a monthly fee. It is worth it for an experienced marketer but I would not recommend it for a new internet marketer. One paid keyword tool I would recommend for a new internet marketer is Micro Niche Finder. It has a feature where you click a button and the dot turns green, yellow or red depending on if it's a keyword that you should pursue or if it's too competitive. The other feature that is helpful for the new internet marketer is you can click on the keyword phrase and immediately be able to click on articles and other choices to see how the keyword currently is being optimized on the search engines. It's simple and does not have a monthly fee. It does have a one time nominal cost but it well worth it.

How Do I Use My Keywords?
Now that you have identified a list of keywords and have done some research to identify the ones that are a "green light" and not too competitive, it's time to optimize those keywords. What does that mean? Optimizing a keyword means building your marketing campaign around the keyword. Using the keyword in the title and body of your advertising. Articles, videos, blog posts and so forth are all examples of advertising means that need to have keywords driving them so they rank in the search engines.

Properly incorporating good keyword research methods and optimization is crucial to your success and will drive the much desired targeted traffic to your website. Targeted traffic going through a well designed website and marketing funnel will be sure to deliver sale after sale.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Maureen_M._Heiden

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